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[PROFILE] New East (NU’EST) Members Profiles

Bisa bahasa Inggris? Baca dengan teliti dan benar ya, ;D

Pledis entertainment is ready to debut their five member boy group New East (NU’EST).

New East (NU’EST) stands for:  N (new), E (established), Style, and Tempo. A powerful group name needs strong members and with the groups plans to bring “a new style to the music industry” along with their outstanding skills it seems like a perfect fit.

Prior to their official debut the members of New East (NU’EST) appeared in a New Balance commercial and alongside their label mates After School promoted the song “Love Letter” this past December.

It seems rookie boy groups will be starting the KPop year off with other boy groups such as EXO and BAP set to debut soon. New East (NU’EST) will debut with a new and stylish concept with their first vintage European-style teaser in MARCH.

Real Name: Aaron Kwak

Age : 19 ( korean age)

Hangul: 아론 콱

Romanized Name: Aron Kwak

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Nationality: Korean-American

Aaron was scouted at the same korean festival that Nichkhun from 2PM was scouted at. Born and raised in L.A. California Appeared as one of the back up dancer for AS Blue’s Wonder Boy MV and Live performances. Speaks English Dubbed as the male Bekah as they are both from the U.S. Studied at Loyola High School.

Name : Baek Ho (백호) (White Tiger)

Real Name : Kang Dong Ho (강동호)

Birth Date : July 21, 1995

Age : 17 years old (Korean Age) / 16 years old (American Age)

Position: Main Vocals

Star Sign : Leo

  • Born at the year of the Pig
  • One of the most popular in the group
  • Starred in After School’s “Play Ur Love” MV as the Girl’s boyfriend
  • Appeared in KBS “Hello” with JR and was revealed by After School’s Kahi
  • Was a back-up dancer for After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy”
  • After School’s Juyeon’s Stage Boyfriend during ASBlue’s Live performances
  • Nicknamed as “Juyeon’s Namcha Chingu”, “Play Ur Love Boy”, “Eyesmile Prince”

Stage NAME :JR

Name : Kim Jonghyun

17 Years Old

Position : LEADER

JR stands for ‘Junior Royal’, the bright background lighting combined with JR’s charismatic look on his face accentuates the leader’s strength. Unlike the cute image that had been made public already, JR’s look on the teaser is not that of an average 18 year old.
JR is the first male trainee of Pledis and his talent as a dancer is highly respected, enough so that he trains other trainees as well. Aside from his amazing dancing skills, JR is also known to be a skillfull rapper.

JR has already made a TV appearance on KBS’ ‘Hello’ in their ’3 seconds’ segment, drawing attention from the viewers.

Stage NAME :Ren
Name :Choi Minki
16 Years Old [not confirm]
Stage NAME :Minhyun
Name : Hwang Minhyun
18 Years Old ( Korean Age)
Appear in Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance
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  1. 15 April 2012 pukul 12:43

    emmmh Nu East ganteng banget. . .

  2. fiane ganefianti
    24 September 2012 pukul 14:49

    nu’east semua keren banget.lagunya klipnya ok bagus

    • fiane ganefianti
      24 September 2012 pukul 14:54

      kpn ke jakarta seperti boy band yg lain

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